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Dice Strategy (Manual)

This strategy has generated over 100,000 ROBUX for me on RBX.GOLD


How to use this strategy?

1) Roll a very low number with 2 Loss Streak with 0 Robux

Win % chance you can set as you prefer (I do 47%)

2) After you got 3 or more loss streak after one of those steps occur bet like 1/20 of your balance

I hit one win already I'd recommend you keep betting the same amount until lose

3) Every Time you lose robux double up the amount you bet

As you can see I got 4 win streak after 1 loss I doubled up my bet instantly

4) Do this until you win and reset the bet to 0 Robux

And keep repeating this and here's the result easy money +3,200 Robux within 10 seconds only